Tree Surgeons in Calahonda

If you're looking for tree surgery in Calahonda, then search no further. Not only are our Calahonda tree surgeons trained to the highest standard, fully-insured and completely professional, they are also able to speak both English and Spanish, ensuring a transparent, reliable service.

Garden maintenance calahonda

If you need a tree pruned, a hedge trimmed or even a full tree removal in Calahonda, we know that finding out where to even begin can be confusing. All tree work in your garden or land should be carried out by a professional tree surgeon to avoid injury to both yourself and your trees, and that's where Red Squirrel Tree Surgery Costa del Sol comes in. We have specifically designed a five-step process for our customers, taking you from enquiry to end result with ease.
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Palm Spraying Calahonda

Palm trees are plentiful on the tropical shores of Calahonda, but while they can be an exotic addition to your home, they need to be maintained in a very specific manner. Our expert tree surgeons in Calahonda are trained in palm spraying, cleaning and pruning, making sure that they are healthy and looking their very best. We are also fully-equipped to spot and treat the dreaded palm weevil.
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