Tree Surgeons in Sabinillas

If you own a house, business or hotel on the Costa del Sol, you know how important it is for your land to look as appealing as possible. Our tree surgeons in Sabinillas have years of experience tending to every type of tree  and are experts in making sure that they are perfectly groomed, healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

An Experienced Tree Company in Sabinillas

To the untrained eye, it can often be impossible to spot the trees in Sabinillas that are diseased and potentially dangerous. Red Squirrel Tree Surgery Costa del Sol relies on its years of experience to help make sure that all of the trees on your property are carefully looked after and that they don't pose a threat to its surroundings. Should we find a decaying tree, we are fully-qualified to remove it in a safe and fuss-free manner. Worried about a tree on your domestic or commercial premises? Please contact us for free, impartial advice.

Palm Spraying Sabinillas

Unfortunately, palm trees in Sabinillas are at risk of being infected by the dreaded palm weevil. Not only  will these pests destroy the tree they have infested, they can very easily spread to the rest of your palms. It's important that the palm weevil is dealt with quickly and efficiently to prevent rapid expansion. Our tree surgery in Sabinillas is more than capable of treating and eradicating these beetles in a prompt and professional way.

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